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* What is HyaFilia ?

HA dermal fillers are the most widely used injectables to augment facial volume without surgery.
HA dermal fillers are popular because of their ease of administration,

predictable effectiveness, good safety profile, and quick patient recovery.
HA can be found throughout the human body.

The most highly concentrated HA is found in connective tissues
although most of HA (appx. 56%) is found in the skin.
HA provides volume to the skin, shape to the eyes, and elasticity to the joints.

* Advantages of HyaFilia

Non-surgical procedure

- The application is convenient and takes effect immediately once HyaFilia is injected.

Gel type

- HyaFilia is a transparent, high quality hydrogel that creates a smooth, natural look and feel.
HyaFilia lasts longer th
an other HA dermal fillers for volumizing effect and maintaining tissue integrity.


Non-animal, cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid gel

- Hyaluronic acid used in HyaFilia is not from animal origins, but from a microorganism fermentation.
Thus, HyaFilia can be injected without an allergic test, and they will naturally biodegraded slowly from the body.

Less pain and no bruising with the use of TW needles

* Specification of HyaFilia Series

* Experimental Data of HyaFilia

* HyaFilia 16 weeks after injection

The results of this study shows that HyaFilia is superior to J-product, and not inferior to R-product,in longevity of filling effects. HyaFilia may be an effective replacement for J-product and R-product(Han, Jang, Kim & Shin, 2011)

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