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Patented technology

* Patented technology

- Long lasting
Innovative Multi Staged Cross-Linking (MCL) technology Companies of conventional fillers
that claim to have created a long lasting HA filler tell us that they have achieved in raising the cross-linking rate.
However, most products have only raised concentration 
and particle size due to limitations in the cross-linking technology This does not contribute to longevity of the product.
Moreover, products that merely increase concentration results in a product
that is not easily moldable.
Beads Max applies that patented 3 staged microbead processing technology
that allows to increase the viscosity and product a long-lasting filler.
By controlling the cross-linking rate to adjust the viscosity,we are able to produce a wider range of high quality fillers depending on its use.

- High Cohesiveness & Viscosity
Beads Max applies the unique technology of creating a semi-solid state gel of Hyaluronic Acid.
Our product has high cohesiveness and viscosity so when injected in creates a pseudo capsule as an implant
from that it is not easily dissolved through natural hyaluronidase by the body (mechanism of long-lasting effect).

Safe & Removalble

* Safe & Removalble

- Safe
Beads Max has overcome the problems faced by increasing the cross-linking rate, to create a safe and removable product.
Issues faced when increasing the cross-linking rate of Hyaluronic Acid and the strengths of our product is as follows.

- Removable
You do not have to worry about unsatisfactory results after injection.
Beads Max is strong against natural hyaluronidase inside the body,
but can be completely removed by injecting hyaluronidase.
Then the filler left in the soft tissue can be completely removed.
It is easily removed.
How Beads Max easily dissolves with hyaluronidase.


 * Specification

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