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Unique characteristics

* Unique Characteristics

* Benefits

Medical grade materials

* Medical grade materials

* Combining HA with Sodium Succinate

Combining HA with S S

* Application

▶Tired ageing

The tired ageing type consists of loose, saggy skin under the eyes,
dark periorbital circles, crow’s
feet, reduced skin tone and density,
deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles along the border of the lower jaw.

▶Wrinkled ageing

The wrinkled ageing type consists of more superficial skin wrinkles on the forehead,
cheeks, chin, glabellar area, temporal zone, preauricular area and the perioral region.
Here there is a distinct absence of the heavy, droopy skin seen in the other phenotypes.

▶Muscular ageing

The muscular ageing type occurs as a result of highly active facial muscles,
which increase the appearance of the general facial contours, dynamic wrinkles,
sagging cheeks and hypertrophy of facial muscles.

▶Deformational ageing

The deformational ageing type, on the other hand, includes general ptosis of the soft tissues,
jowls, bags under the eyes, marionette li
nes, degradation of the facial contours,
eyebrow ptosis and eyelid ptosis.

▶Weight loss & tightening body

Weight loss in abdomen, lifting and tightening skin around breast.

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