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What is Regenovue ?

*What is Regenovue ?
REGENOVUE is made by hyaluronic acid so called ‘HA’ which is known as the safest ingredient of
filler product adding 100% cross-linked structure between each molecule to long-lasting duration.
size to choose one following injected region.

Comparative analysis

*What is Regenovue ?

High Quality Hyaluronic Acid

Non-animal base

Bacterial extract natural substance

High Purity (Endotoxin < 0.00151u/mg)

Natural absorption

Highly Cross Linked 

Linking material: BDDE
Specialized manufacturing technique

Increasing volume and duration

High Viscosity

Long-lasting duration 

Supports skin tissue stably to maintain elastictiy

Highly Consistent Monophasic Structure

-Regular and compact pattern

-Stable and constant structure

-Smooth injection

-Natural volume

Having Full Line-Up

Various choice and accurate application

Includes fillers with Lidocaine (3ml)

*Comparative analysis


Thanks to regular and compact structure than other products,
REGENOVUE gives natural volume-up effect with even injection pressure.
And it maintains the volume effectively in its duration lasting.

*Regenovue Type


    Superficial wrinkles / Periorbital Lines / Glabellar Lines / Worry Lines / Lobule / Perioral Lines


    Middle wrinkles Augmentation / Nasolabial Folds/ Deep glabellar Lines / Deep worry Lines
    Perioral Lines / Zygoma, Chin / Porehead augmentation / Lips prosthesis / contouring / Nose ridge


    Deep wrinkles / Nasolabial Lines / Lips prosthesis / Zygoma, Chin
    Porehead augmentation / Nose ridge / Breast augmentation

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